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 January 18 to 27, 2015



I’m Michael Wald of Friendship Force Dallas and I would like to invite you to join me on an exciting exchange to explore Panama! My wife and I spent two years living in Panama where I volunteered with the Peace Corps. We are eager to share with you this beautiful country we once called home. 



Panama is a country that is rapidly developing economically, but geographically maintains some of its wild and exotic natural life. During our exchange we will explore the traditional food and folklore of the Panamanian jungles. We will experience various forms of local artistic expression from fashion, to dance, to cuisine. For our adventurous friends, there will be opportunities to participate in some optional, more physical activities such as ziplining and kayaking. To see a full itinerary, click here. I am currently working to arrange homestays in Santiago, the future sight of the FF club in Panama.

Email me to apply. I am looking forward to sharing this exciting exchange with you, and I hope you'll join me as we discover Panama!

-Michael Wald, FF Dallas, Texas


Additional Information:

- The cost of this exchange is $2065 USD for double occupancy and $2840 USD for single occupancy. Does not include airfare or most meals, unless otherwise noted in theitinerary

- A deposit of $650 USD is due on August 15, 2014. Mail checks to Friendship Force (attn. Laura Romero) for exchange #12371 or pay online.

- This exchange is Strenuous to Moderate activity level. Activities like optional kayaking and zip lining are available, and there will be long walks in a very hot climate. Ambassadors should be in good health.

- Any homestays that occur on this exchange are likely to lack air conditioning, but the hotels we will be staying at do have air conditioning. 

Click here to view a tentative day- by-day itinerary.

- 20 Spaces Available

- For any questions or to apply, contact the Exchange Director:

Michael Wald




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